Do we have a release date for the Quest?

So, it appears that the internet is currently overflowing with rumors about the release date of Oculus Quest. Last year on the Facebook developers conference they released Oculus Go and this years iteration of the same is set to be held on April 30. Now, Oculus previously announced The Quest to be released in the spring of 2019 this would be a perfect opportunity.

Soon everyone will know if there is any truth to this rumor and until then keep it safe.

Punch Hard at LiuGC

Liu Games Conference is an annual Games Conference in Linköping, Sweden where local developers can put their games on display and let the visitors play them, give feedback or cheers.

We displayed a very early build of Punch Hard and got great feedback! Players really liked it and loved punching the Viking we had in our demo. Some had never used VR before but sense our game really is just “pick up the controllers and play” that wasn’t any problems. We did have to stop some from taking the fight to the furniture though.

The game progress is moving along nicely and we’ll soon announce some more of the opponents you can fight in spring 2019.