Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We care deeply of your privacy and will never collect any data not directly related to the functions of the app. That means that we never access any personal, or other, information without your consent directly in our app.



RudeMeme allows sharing of images through Facebook. We use Facebooks own api for this and never collect any information in connection with sharing anything using our app.

Photo library

RudeMeme allows for the user (you) to choose images from the photo library of your iOS device and adding text to it. To use this function we need access to your library of photos but before that we ask your permission in the app. You only need to grant this permission once and can withdraw this permission at any time through the Settings-app on your device.

People on the images

Of course it is very important that the people on the images that you publish using RudeMeme has given consent that the image with them on and the text is to be shared. Remember that you as a user is solely responsible for complying with the laws of your country but also to be nice to others. RudeMeme is made to be fun for everyone and if someone on the image takes offense or does not want you to share the image then don’t do it!


We show ads when you choose to share an image on social media using the ad-network Applovin. They have their own policy regarding privacy and you can read that here:


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding this or anything else. E-mail or visit our Facebook or Twitter page.