Punch Hard

Battle your way to the title belt

Viking boxing ring

Face of against eight opponent on your way to the title! The game comes complete with a real Nordic Viking, a robot brought to you directly from the future, a terrifying Clown, a fairytale princess taught to fight by the meanest top-cheater on this planet and even an old man who knows magic! Each fighter comes with their own personality and play-style. But not only that! They will have their own personal arena, their individual theme music and other cool effects.

Hours of gameplay

Early version of the meanest princess ever!

The game will have you battle for both the light- and heavyweight titlebelt. Also, the game comes complete with a training area where you can practice or even work out. The game will also feature several unlockable achievements as well as  mini games to get your heart pumping while you beat the records. 

It’s all about fun

Train on the punching bag.

We are making this game to be fun for everyone, it’s easy to pick up and just start fighting while still being a challenge even for hardcore gamers and athletes. But it will also give you a proper workout and the game will be using the MET standard together with tracked movement and time spent in game to calculate just how much calories you’ve burned while playing. Also, some of the achievements will be unlocked based on your activity.

Want to join in?

We are interested in collaborations with others both when it comes to sponsoring, investments, publishing or any other idea you have. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us on daniel@fafnirgames.com and we’ll get in touch with you or if you are at Nordic Games Conference you can fight against the Viking in an early version and talk to us on this event hosted by East Sweden Game.