Latest progress on Punch Hard

A small update on the progress of our upcoming boxing game Punch Hard. We are currently working with the AI and tightening up the whole game flow of the matches. Our goal is to make each opponents AI as unique as their appearance.

It’s fun to see all the videos currently emerging on YouTube with rumored and confirmed games being developed for the Quest and we hope this game will fit in nicely. We’ve created a YouTube channel of our own and will soon start posting videos from the game.

We are working on RudeMeme 1.1

Now RudeMeme has been out for a couple of weeks and we want to start by saying thanks to everyone who has downloaded it! We truly hope you enjoy the app and have great fun with it! 🙂

We are currently working on a update with some bug fixes and new memes and features. These include among other

  • The watermark text at the bottom is sometimes on top of the meme text. (This happens at certain image resolutions). This is by far the biggest bug we have seen and we hope our fix will solve this issue completely.
  • Speed improvements. We’ve seen on older phones like the iPhone 5s and iPhone SE that it sometimes takes a lot of time when the app generates and writes the text on the image. We hope to have this fixed, or at least improved, on the next version.
  • Also som other minor bug fixes.

A new feature will be introduced!
The app will check which time it is when the user takes the photo and “unlock” certain memes at certain times. For example if the local time is between 00:00 and 03:00 in the night the text might be about finding a date at a bar (or not finding a date). At around 05 the text might be about going to work early and so on. This opens up some really fun possibilities and we hope you will enjoy these new texts. 🙂

We don’t have a date for this update yet but it will be out soon. So stay tuned for more updates.