Rude memes

Making internet ruder one meme at a time!

Out now! RudeMeme is a photo-party app with attitude! Take a picture and RudeMeme looks what’s on it and tries to give you the rudest, funniest and best meme ever! Then you share it on Facebook and bring laughter and likes. 🙂

Making fun even funnier

This App is taking those fun moments and making them even funnier!
What we have done is to load it upp with some really rude and funny meme-texts. When you take or choose a photo within the app it then tries to analyze it for people (and if so, how many are there?) and then randomly selects a text to add on your image. Once done you can either save or share it with friends. Currently we support sharing on Facebook but we will look at the other social networks in future updates.

Respect each other!

With great power comes great responsibility. When using this app please make sure that the subject/s in your photos want you to share the images before posting anywhere! This is ment to be fun, not just for you and your followers but also for the people in your photo. Respect is key!

This app is free – How do you survive

No people or animals we’re harmed when making this app. This app is free to download and use but when you share a meme we will show some advertisement. This is how we make money and if you choose to download something interesting from the ad in the app you will at the same time help us updating the app, bringing new memes and new features (we have a long list of things we want to do) and generally keeping us alive. Thats nice, right?

Any problems?

We didn’t build this app for you to have any problems (however, if you post something of your boss you might get into some). Still, if you experience any problems please get in touch with us here.

App Store Download link for Rude Meme